Have you seen the new spoiler pictures of Kate and rana? Zeedan apparently blackmails rana into staying with him and then it all goes down from there

I did see those, I did. Those aren’t the exact interpretations of the spoilers, I’d say, but that it’s even one of them is alarming for Zee’s characterization. Threatening to expose her? I’m sorry, whaaat? And her parents are there now??

 Although, although, it makes a huge difference to me if HE thinks, oh, she had an affair with a dude and thinks her parents can convince her to stay with him, though I’m sure he knows they’ll only guilt and put pressure on her, it’s not going to be some loving “are you sure this is what you want?” conversation, so already, negative marks for Zee there. But if he knows she’s in love with a woman and threatening Rana about telling her parents that? NEGATIVE INFINITY MARKS.