I have a feeling zee thinks rana was having an affair with Luke because of the voicemails. That’s what prompts his anger. Then his thinking it’s Luke she’s been seeing is what forces her to come clean. Just speculation though.

Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, I can see that. That would make a HORRIBLE amount of sense. It would be so awful to everyone, I mean, not that Rana and Kate isn’t, but Alya’s boyfriend, who just DIED. Shooot.

@whatdafudgestuff replied to your posti think zee found out about the affair! i saw the…

My thoughts exactly. Zee will play ignorant, slowly building evidence and then choosing the most embarrassing possible moment to out Rana and Kate. I hope not because it would be an horrendous way to be outed but this is a soap… so drama.

That is so drama. And here’s me wishing she’d just told him on Friday, lol. They’re not going to let this happen without draining every last drop of drama that they can.