surely this cant be the end of kate and rana was so heartbreaking to watch kate end things

Oh, definitely not, anon, this has probably been like, the first half of their current story. 

There’s so much more to go. Kate’ll be back soon enough and in the meantime, Imran still needs to find out, as does Zee (hopefully by Rana finally telling him since that would be so fulfilling), then she has to tell her parents, and somewhere in their Kate and Rana have to get back together so Rana can come to terms with being out in general. All of those being significant events that we’ll get with like a Kana-heavy ep once every few weeks. 😛

But, I gotta say, if they had to leave it somewhere, I’m so glad they left it like this? Kate ended things so gently and in love and I much prefer external conflicts for my ship. There was no doubt that they are both completely still in love. I loved their final hug, I love that after a day (they found out at lunch and it’s night when Kate leaves) of chasing Kate around and trying to convince her not to go, Rana’s exhausted and still ready to fight for them until Kate tells her to take care of Alya and…what can Rana say to that? Everything Kate said was true, she’ll be forced to divide her time between them and she’ll want to be with Kate and Kate will want her with her. It would be all of them hurting instead of…well, her and Kate only.

I was expecting the ep to be so different, because if you read the tags of literally any post I made about Friday, I wasn’t a fan of how Kate reacted at the end, so I thought we’d continue down that road, plus with the spoilers saying Kate kissed Sophie, I thought it’d be all about Kate being mad about Rana not leaving Zee and attempting to move on, basically something really forced and not particularly organic. Instead it was such a love letter from Kate to Rana! Every line, every look, every thought was about Rana.