Can we agree to wait until May 1rst yo decide if the movie is gonna be bad or now? It really bothers me a little how people jump to said is queer baiting and that is gonna be Bad and the movie is not even out yet

Okay, this I also really wish I’d answered earlier, since now we’re just a week away, but. On the other hand, nothing we say would have made a difference to people complaining. And I certainly wasn’t calling it bad or queerbaiting, which, I don’t even use that word anymore when it comes to f/f rep, canon OR subtext. I have a lot of thoughts about it, but ultimately, it’s just not very useful.

But yeah, of course, I do think people should be allowed to have complaints, but also, it’s just courtesy to not ruin it for others. Given how talented but also thoughtful Alice Wu tends to be, even if people have seen the script, the execution and end product do matter a lot. And ultimately, even if it is exactly what the script and trailer promise and disappoints people hoping for a more romcom execution, it’s unfair to sum up something’s objective quality based on subjective preferences.

But people are going to vent and rant on their blogs, you may just want to be careful about visiting the tags, or just try to ignore it. Surely the negative comments are the exception.