“In terms of total votes, Democrats have cemented the largest margin of victory in midterm election history — some 9 million votes over Republicans, breaking a record set after the Watergate scandal in 1974.”

Trump’s coattails were more like an anchor.

The blue wave midterm is the best thing about 2018. People showed up to deliver a blow to Trumpism. The fight isn’t over, but there’s a real counterweight now. And we all have the comfort of knowing that so many people of good will showed up to say no to that monster.

Thanks to that, there’s the Democratic majority in Congress, which is gonna fight like hell. And the signs of rebellion among the Republicans against Trump re: his craven covering up for MBS ordering Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. That only happened because of this. They were willing to support anything as long as he was a winner.

Now he’s a loser, and all of us made him one.

As we say goodbye to 2018 this is one major, major thing to feel hopeful about. There’s so much that needs to be done on a number of issues, most critically climate change, as soon as we can get this guy out of office. But there is cause for hope heading into the new year and a lot of decent ordinary people across the US who I wish happiness with all my heart.