It’s weird, I’d been worried Tumblr would go down and I’d no longer be able to use it but now I don’t…want to use it? 

I’ve posted 8 nsfw posts out of 6,191 total. Not posting anymore is not an issue for me. But the kind of people that would do this? A while back when they first introduced the sensitive content filter, my completely platonic sets constantly hit it. I don’t expect the new algorithms to be any better. 

But worse than that, this is just an absurd value judgment, it’s creepy. And the kind of people who I like and who I want my content to reach do post nsfw. 

There is a very fine line sometimes with what is considered NSFW and I think these new guidelines are going to kickstart a ton of over-reporting. I’ve had reblogs of Daredevil gifs reported for as adult content…so I’m not optimistic.

I love the dash, I like having all my junk in one place. It bums me out to have to move elsewhere but I suspect there will be alternatives popping up soon enough. I’m not deleting my tumblr (though all my greco roman statues tagged “Dat Ass” might have me kicked off soon enough – apparently this is okay, but there’s been giffed, real life butts on here before also) but I’m on the hunt for a suitable alternative.

Right. And to be clear, my issue isn’t that there are going to be a lot of false positives or that it’s hard to to tell what’s actually nsfw. This is just some backwards puritan decision based on nothing. So what if people post nsfw? If @staff wanted to really a better, more positive Tumblr, it’d get rid of the Nazis first. So that kind of tells you everything.