it’s like twitter but with a lot more control of who can interact with you, from what i understand. for example you could make a server with ‘no nazis, no terfs’

Okay, but would there be that many people on that server? Is there one for just, like…f/f fandom oriented people? Not just f/f, I have so many other things I like.

It’s a good system but it is suffering from the Google+ issue. 

little features. 
No one is there.

Everyone can see each other from the server to server, but you can “ban” specific servers from interacting with yours.

Hmm. So servers are linked…okay, that’s something. 

The lack of features, though, is an issue.

pseudofaker replied to your post: “aresmarked replied to your post “Hm. So where will the exodus from…”

Mastodon is really more of a twitter like platform. It’s not even close to tumblr

Yeah, I’m seeing 500 character limit?

Man, Tumblr defined so much of how I engaged with fandom. I have the gif widths memorized, I work toward 3MB sizes, 10 gifs in all. And now poof.