Hey! What are your thoughts regarding the new episode of the Purge :)? Still on TeamLila?

Hey back atcha! 

That’s a good question. I’m not really sure anymore? 

The flashbacks clarified a lot of things, or mostly confirmed what we’d guessed, but I could like feel the audience sympathy swing back to Rick during it, lol, and justifiably? He’s done nothing wrong in this and frankly was a lot more chill about the whole party and Lila showing up than could be expected. 

But that still doesn’t necessarily mean he should be with Jenna, if they just don’t work anymore. It’s telling how Jenna seems ready to suspect his motives and ambitions but is so open to the same ideas when they come from Lila. And I LOVED that last confrontation between the three of them, that was just good drama. I like Lila when she’s being up front and forward about everything, even if it’s “hey, be with me” and “your wife wants to be with me”. In this context, that’s fine with me, that’s basically what it is. Like, it would lead to less cheating and there’s no home to wreck if Jenna just wants to be with her. But I wonder if there’s another twist on the way, when Jenna keeps saying “it’s not that simple”. 

My biggest hmm moment with Lila came when they were sitting upstairs and she was like, yeah, you and me, we’re the exceptions, but Rick, oh Rick seems to love that money, I want to trust him but I just don’t know if I can, all innocent and on their side. That seemed manipulative and I don’t like that, especially since it implies there could be a lot more manipulation going on here, what with this whole party at her house and her gross parents throwing it.

I’m still tentatively on TeamLila simply because there’s still good f/f potential, but it’d be really easy to not be on anybody’s side here, including Jenna’s. Also, Rick hasn’t done anything bad yet, but even before Lila casting aspersions, Jenna seems to think he’s too into this NFFA deal, so if he does embrace that at any point, that’ll make me pretty anti-Rick.