fic: the best of it (rory/paris, ch. 20 – epilogue)


THE BEST OF IT – Gilmore Girls; Rory/Paris; the one where Rory and Paris pretend to be girlfriends for JUSTICE!, and a documentary crew.

Chapter 19: In which we check in with Rory and Paris a few months later.

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“Coming in September to ABC … a special six-part series. You know their names. You saw the paparazzi pictures. Now find out their full story, and the truth behind the lie that rocked a nation. Paris & Rory: Faking A Modern Stars Hollow Family.”

“Well, that’s embarrassing,” says Paris. “Not to mention hyperbolic. Rocked a nation? Really? No wonder this country’s going down the crapper like a kid’s first goldfish.”

Rory is too busy hiding her face behind a throw pillow to reply.