Why the h does carla hate alya so much?? Im just catching up (this omnibus episode aired 19/5) and i knew they weent like. chill. But its really taking me aback how like viciously she s talking about her! Did something happen or is it as unjustified as it seems do u know? D:

Jennys having a go now as well!! Im getting really worked up abt it!! Alyas designs were what made aidan be able to get the factory back on its feet i thought? What a load of ungrateful jerks

Yeah, Carla was quite rude to Alya and no, there wasn’t anything that’d happened to excuse it but it’s just to set up the future drama about the factory ownership. Alya’s been OOC in some of her reactions to things lately too, so mean to Eileen and her response to the Rana kidnapping mess was pretty lacking in empathy, but it’s all for the plot, so just go with it I guess.