Same anon who told you about Maaya 2. About a public release schedule, I dont know when its. Some comments on yt say maybe on saturday and some say how it will not be on yt anymore, it will be only in app. I am hoping for more eps on yt because I cant pay trough google play :(

Hmm, looking back through the previous shows, not all of them are released past the first ep, but the ones that are, like Hadh, are released weekly it looks like. So I suppose we will see.

What’s the issue you’re having with google play? Maybe it can be gifted? Come off anon and we can try to figure out a way to make it work.

Edit: If you look at their playlists page, they only seem to have them for the shows they intend to post fully, and Maaya 2 is up there. And its playlist already has a private video on it, so perhaps that’s the second ep, to be posted soon.