kate being a nurse to rana yesterday was so cute. and their hug after in front of zee was so soft!! i love them. yesterday’s episodes were very enjoyable.

I? Loved it! 

I really liked yesterday’s episodes too, I think they’re among my favorite ever. We got so much of them AND the well written versions of them at that! Cute and in love facing whatever together is how I always want them. The difference in their chemistry and body language between this ep and a few weeks ago is so clear, it’s like even the actresses aren’t entirely sure how to act when the writing itself doesn’t make sense. But these were the versions we fell in love with and it was nice to see them back and be happy and taking big steps. 

Kate nursing Rana was an adorable little touch and how they were able to just fall into that hug for some much needed comfort, finally not having to be guilty or self-conscious. Now if only we could get this all the time. 🙂