one thing i love about kate and rana right now is that you can sympathize with the both of them which i feel is rare in a ship, never mind a couple from a soap. i think they’re doing this story really well and portraying rana’s guilt and kate’s jealousy is such a true way.

Yeah, what always impressed me about this story was that both their motivations were clear, they didn’t go for the cheap trick where if only characters communicated, their problems would already be solved. In fact, they communicated a lot, I loved their conversations around the time of the wedding “you want me to want you but you’ll still marry him”, they were just such different people at such different places, both couldn’t see any option open to them. And slowly with time and more communication they arrived at the same place (to have an affair, d’oh! Soaps, right? I just shrugged at Kate’s inability to just wait it out). 

Which is why I was pissed at that two month period post Luke’s death where nothing made sense. But it seems they’re back in the same place they were before, where they both see the problem so clearly from their own point of view and can’t understand why the other can’t get it. And both sides are sympathetic!

Of course it’s weird for Kate to see Rana so much with Zee, but to Rana, she’s already given up everything to be with Kate, she can’t understand why there would even be any doubt. And then Rana is still mourning and missing her family, but to Kate, these are the people who tried to hurt her and no longer deserve her, if they loved Rana they wouldn’t have done what they did, it’s all so clear to her. This is the kind of internal conflict I can get, where the problem isn’t them being nasty to each other but simply unable to understand because of their wildly different perspectives.