I recently watched a playlist of all of Kate’s scenes since she was introduced and had a few thoughts: a) her hair was fab, b) she’s always been a snark with a heart of gold, c) I love how much the Connors adore her, and d) I honestly do not understand how Aidan is supposed to be a ladies’ man (I mean, his much hotter and nicer sister was right there, ladies, make a better choice!)

a) I know, I loved it! I miss it, but I associate it so strongly with the “young” version of her (even though it was only a couple of years ago).

b) Aye, I love nice people, and because of her role she never got into the very scandalous storylines, her current affair with Rana the worst thing she’s done. Both Kate and Rana are actually incredibly lovely people, relatively, as soap characters, and I love being able to ship them so wholeheartedly.

c) Yeah! That is definitely a thing I’ve noticed and loved about her, how much all the Connors adore and baby her, even when she does something bratty, they just roll their eyes affectionately and are back to normal within a few eps. 

d) Ah, hah, I remember thinking the same, and sometimes I hate him a lot, but he can be very decent away from the affair and harping on the factory. Given the usual male-female imbalance on Corrie, where the women are on average far more attractive, smarter, funnier, and genuinely better than the men, he’s all right for a Corrie dude.