if you could write one future storyline for Kate/Rana, what would it be? (whether it’s set next week or months/years in the future)

I’m not really sure, I think I’d take most things (aside from cheating) as long as they were done well and given time. 

I think most people are hoping for a wedding at some point. If there is one, I’d like for it to be a big showy desi one (though I know Corrie doesn’t have the time or budget for that). Let’s see…I don’t really care about kids that much, at least not enough for a baby/adoption storyline to be my one pick, and something cute like Kate and Rana during Ramadan isn’t really much of a storyline…

I think I’d like a reconciliation with her parents or at least mom and a lot of talking about where they’re all coming from, including before when they were always criticizing, and promising to do better, standing up for her against the community.