Rana’s mum’s still treating her like she’s 12 “put it in here” opens glove box. For story, but urgh. I wish Rana had waved or gestured a thanks towards Yasmeen for helping her out. Weirdest pronunciation of Faisalabad ever? Faisalalialialialialiabad. :D

In those circumstances, I feel like a lot of us would listen. Poor Rana, thinking she has a chance to make up with her mom. Though yeah, Yasmeen was great in that scene, which is interesting, clearly she’s supporting Rana even with Kate? That’s very fair and decent of her.

Hahah, that total mangling of the word. For a second, I was like, she’s Indian, why does she know about Faisalabad, but then I remembered she played a Pakistani character and was like, so why can’t she say the name?