It’s like Rana’s hit rock-bottom and can’t hide her feelings for KTe anymore. She’s so open in front of Zee.

Sorry this is so late! No excuses. 

I did love her speaking out finally, after everything. I wonder what exactly the tipping point was. Kowing Kate was still in love with her and still available on her word? The news of Zee and Leanne? Zee treating her and Kate like that, knowing it wasn’t going to change? I loved that moment where she’s talking to him and then switches to Kate.

Like she’s gathering her thoughts and feelings and weighing everything, the risks, the future, what she thought she could handle with Zee, what she thought she could handle without Kate, how she’ll deal with her family and then making the decision to jump. As far as I’m concerned, this is the moment she took her stand. I know that for the sake of the drama, Corrie wouldn’t miss continuing the contract anyway, but Rana herself says that if Zee doesn’t want it, she’ll walk, ready to face the consequences from him and her family.