So happy, but kind of nervous about how Sophie finds out. Kate led her on, but it’s not as if Kate thought she had a future with Rana. Also Kate kept asking Sophie for time, yet with Rana (earlier) her deadlines approached pretty fast. (Still a little sore over that as it hits too close to reality).

About Kate and Rana? Yeahhh, that’s going to be interesting. And obviously hella dramatic and awkward.

I don’t blame either Kate or Sophie for the situation, Kate wanted to move on for real, she can’t stay pining after a married woman who’s chosen her husband (or so Kate thinks, I guess, god, the writing), and to Sophie, every step back Kate’s taken has been followed by one forward. Kate really wants to have something with Sophie, and Sophie believes in that wish more than the actuality. 

What do you mean about deadlines? I don’t think I get it?