Hiiii :) Hope you had a nice weekend! About your “way” of shipping, wow, it has to be a really special pair for you then. But that means you’re really invested, which is nice when things are good but awful when they are bad. Plllllsss of course I ship Kana, it’s something very unique and the chemistry between those two is… ? also Bhavna honestly deserves an award or a statue or something, she’s phenomenal. I just wish that in the end everything goes well, people need that hopeful message. -S

I did have a nice weekend, thank you! How about you?

Haha, ahhh, my friend makes fun of me for how easily I ship. I can be pretty open to a lot of pairings and dynamics. But there is a scale as to the…intensity? of shipping, and some couples are, oh, that’s nice, while others I would have given up so much to see properly done in canon. I think the number of canon couples makes us less desperate for that one couple that gets it all right, eat least. I think Corrie definitely messed up in how Kate was written, but hopefully there’s plenty of time to do other things well.