Hi, what are your thoughts about the upcoming kidnap to Pakistan storyline for Rana? Personally, coming from an Asian bg myself, I think it’s a much needed turn of events to educate people who are not quite aware of what lengths some south Asian families are willing to go to, to conceal sexualities or out of caste marriages etc.

I’m excited to watch it unfold as a dramatic storyline for Kana, tbh. It seems to be a fairly cut and dried action scene where nobody gets hurt physically? And as someone who’s felt very sorry for Rana this last couple of months, I feel like this will be eye-opening for the characters who haven’t always understood or acknowledged what she’d been going through. When Rana explained to Kate that her parents would never speak to her again, I think Kate understood and believed her, but that faded, especially with time spent with her own family, it’s easy to think “it can’t be that bad”. And Zee, outing her to them, what did he expect? So they better freaking dote over her once she’s rescued.

As a storyline for raising awareness, I hope it shames the families who’d consider doing something like this and makes them rethink. The rest of us think ya’ll are gross, and you’re just hurting the people you claim to love. I expect (or hope) Yasmeen gets on her soapbox and lectures them on how terrible and un-Islamic it is. 

I don’t have any misgivings about it because Corrie has sympathetic Muslims on the other side right there, which proves again the value in having a diverse cast. The Nazirs are human and with flaws but they’re warm and compassionate and accepting, the antithesis of the Habeebs. No one can come away from watching these eps thinking the Habeebs represent all Muslims, it’s such a welcome luxury to not have to worry about negative representation being the only representation.