chesterbenni just posted a big new spoiler ;(

Oh my. Well. We knew it was coming, eh.

I gotta laugh, though, at people thinking going to Pakistan is some huge horrible dungeon people can’t escape from. Next of Kin acted like that too, and it’s so silly. I thought it was handled pretty horribly in Next of Kin to start with, since there are normal freaking people on the street to access help from, and while the police can be corrupt as hell, not every random cop you meet is going to be in on whatever scheme some terrorist organization has thought up. Danny should have shouted at the British embassy guards in his accent that he was a citizen and they’d have protected him long enough to verify.

But this is made even sillier here. Rana would need to be blackmailed or like, actually convinced to go, because you try to imagine a woman being forced to go through security and customs in an airport today and not have huge flags thrown up. 

Of course, the very IDEA of it, and in a soap where suddenly there’s less real world concerns and her being shipped off to family in Pakistan that’ll keep her locked, and that it’s her parents behind it, that is pretty awful. I don’t understand what’s happening in the picture at all, Imran’s in on it? Or is he taking her away from her parents? With Zee watching on? We all did know it was coming, and it doesn’t seem to be too bad (yet), at least she’s not being fished out of the canal, right? And it probably shouldn’t be too lengthy an event, they can’t really stretch it out too long, can they? Maybe two days or let’s say a week at most, kidnap her, people realize she’s missing, saved? Although, her parents are guest stars and they usually only appear for like, one day at a time, so it could happen and be resolved in one day. And hopefully have lots of happy Kana after, heh.