I saw Derry Girls on your blog a few times so an hour ago, I tried watching the first episode and it was so funny! The humour is genius and I love Clare, she’s hilarious, when Sister Michael called them in the office, she was like support each other but then she was hysterical trying to defend herself lmaooo btw do you know where I can watch with subtitles? English is not my first language so watching it with Irish accent is extra difficult.

I know, I love them all, but Clare the most. 🙂

Mate, I totally hear you on not being able to understand them. It’s difficult and I rewatch a bunch of times but there are also subtitles you can download here: https://english-subtitles.org/69518-derry-girls-s01e01.html

Even if you don’t have the episodes to sync up with them, you could use them as a reference?