Conflicted (lols) about how I feel about the episode. Obviously still early days… but glad the show isn’t going as dark as it can in reality. I don’t think the public would be ready for that at all considering reactions so far. And being so spoiler-aware last nights episode really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The deal didn’t seem as terrible if it stops Zee from shouting it from the rooftops.

Well, the darkest of the dark, they’d never go there, although with these parents and this husband, I doubt that’d have happened in real life either. It’s interesting, but if they’d chosen a different kind of parents, even ones that were more loving, it might have been even more upsetting. The kind of parents who really love their child but are so devout in a specific way, think they did something wrong and that their kid is going to hell and they react from that perspective. It wouldn’t be about punishing anyone or focusing on public image, but be messy in a very different way. But, they got locked into this version of the Habeebs before they even thought of doing queer Rana, so here we are.

It was actually not that bad an ep to watch at all! I mean, of course, it was painful watching Rana like that, and Zee being such a tool, but her writing was spot on, she was understandably guilty, she was understandably disgusted and angry. After last Wednesday, it was so nice to be able to get her again. It wasn’t just Kate who’d suffered last week, Rana was odd too. But really great acting and writing yesterday.