I can feel that they’re going to try redeem zeedan by making him seem conflicted. Poor Rana’s sobs at the end.

Yep, I was thinking, after all the bile he spat, suddenly that “you’ve been crying” (SHE’S BEEN CRYING ALL DAY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?? BECAUSE OF YOU?????) and the reaction to her sobs is a clear indication to the audience he’s softening. Meh. His language and behavior and hypocrisy in living a lie for money when he’s so ready to destroy her life over it, yuck. Even if he’s the one who backs out of this contract, with the show once again depriving Rana of her agency, I’ll just be glad it’s over.

His language especially. You don’t suddenly develop a different vocabulary when you’re angry (as anybody who games online knows). That’s your natural truest vocab. I’ve no time for him, I don’t care if it’s the writing deliberately doing that.