TBH I don’t even think Weds was that horrible if you remove the kitchen and Aiden’s scenes. The thing I’m flabbergasted about now is why the hell are Rana and Kate mad at each other and why, now that Zee knows about them, can’t they just decide to be together. I could do scenes in my mind to fill the gaps that lead to the current situation, but I *shouldn’t have to*

Right, that’s why I’m partly like, it’s not THAT big a deal, literally two moments in more than a hundred by now, BUT. Two moments after the reveal they’ve been heading toward for months. As you say, I don’t get why they’re mad and why they’re not like, well, he knows, let’s go for it. How are we supposed to reconcile these two with any version of them in January or December? 

What I loved about them getting together was that it was because of openly communicating, and they’ve mostly been so good with that since. To go back to this combative defensive not talking is contrived, sure, but the way it happened on screen was just bad writing. At least explain with a line why they think what they think and why they’re acting how they’re acting.