It breaks my heart to see Rana like this, I mean props to Bhavna on the terrific acting, but it has really been upside down ever since Zee has found out. It’s really fucking terrible Rana is forced out the closet like this and on a lighter note, it seems Imran is supporting her and being gentle and is the only one standing by her? I’m not sure what to think anymore! -sw

Yeah, we’re definitely supposed to feel sorry for her, and on the one hand, yay, no more of that cheating malarkey hanging over their heads because this is like the harshest cheating soap redemption I’ve ever seen, but I just don’t think being constantly outed is the best way to tell the story. Where’s her own agency in it? 

I am very glad Imran’s standing with her…I wish we could have seen how he initially reacted and how she told him.