Totally agree with your post about the failings of Corrie tonight. Kate was very OOC in order to isolate Rana. I was hoping that Rana would be angry Kate told Zeedan and Kate might be hurt that Rana was ashamed to admit she’d been with her. Explaining their upcoming estrangement.What did you make of Rana painting Kate as an exception in terms of her sexuality? Rana still in denial or are they really going for Katesexual? I do think think the story is more than salvageable with a good ep or two.

Oh, it’s for sure salvageable. It was just so unnecessary to be so OOC today when there were so many other reasons available to them. Like you said, Rana being mad at Kate for outing her could have been a great way to separate them. Neither would have come across as a bad guy or OOC. I’ve always loved that they both have always remained understandable AND sympathetic (not exactly the same thing). Their motivations were clear and they appealed to the audience, which, in a cheating storyline is difficult! A waste of a couple of eps that could have been great. Just like, tone down the anger and make it more conflicted sadness. They did it in the first ep! I need Debbie Oates back, please.

Huh, yeah, that bit was weird. A weird thing to highlight for the show in that moment. Are they saying that for Rana the character it’s gonna be Kate and then just men in the future? It feels like that’s a very weird thing to set in stone about a character literally going through a sexuality crisis through which she’s going to suffer so much. All for one woman? She should love free and be out and proud for being Katesexual? I took it as her saying that to Zee in the moment, possibly even believing it herself, but mostly to try to assure him it’d never happen again. I mean, even if Kate’s the only woman she’s ever going to love, she’s still bi. So I hope she’s able to claim that at some point.