To be fair, many of us have gone through a “namesexual” phase before accepting we are gay (lesbian, bisexual, etc…). So I see Rana still being in that denial/confused/questioning phase cause at the end of the day Kate in fact is the only woman (dare I say person?) she has these feelings for. Hopefully we will get to see her explore her sexuality more and maybe settle on a label.

Shows definitely do that kind of thing when hyping up a specific love story, to kind of misguidedly highlight how special it is that a seemingly straight person’s SO in love with this one person who HAPPENS to be a woman. And in real life, when somebody’s first going through that, they may think about that person as an exception, but I think real people are more likely to think about what it means for them, as opposed to the straight writers writing a fictional character. But I still don’t see the point of her coming out as only Katesexual, if they’re going to make her go through all of this.