Kate just outing rana left and right. She should know better. The writing for that and the upcoming mess is garbage

That was the least of my problems with today’s eps, tbh! It was set up to give her no choice. She didn’t want to and tried to not, hell, our Kate trying to deflect his suspicion and explain away the note so that the woman she’s in love with can stay in her marriage was an odd moment of adorable I completely forgot about until right now. I don’t blame her for the outing, circumstances forced it. 

BUT EVERYTHING ELSE. Well, my main complaints can really be narrowed down to three things: Kate’s attitude toward Rana (after she did out her!), the scene ending it as it did with no real acknowledgment by either of this massive shift in their circumstances that could finally let them be together or any other conversation, and then Kate and Aidan nonchalantly chatting. 

And the thing is, I understand the outcome the show needed from the ep. They want Rana isolated so they can show how awful being in her position is. If Kate’s there, then that doesn’t happen. I came into the ep understanding this, that something would force them apart such that her parents’ gross ass offer and its result could be set into motion. But nothing literally did? And they didn’t just “grow apart”, the scene in the first ep today that was from the preview, where they caught each other’s eye at “soulmate” and where Kate’s crying because it physically hurts her to see Zee with Rana, like, that’s as deep as ever. And then after that she’s all angrily telling Rana that she should have been the one to tell Zee about her after Rana already confessed she was in love with someone else? The writing fell down so hard when it didn’t even need to do that much, given the enormity of the scenes it was working with.

I can make my own leaps of logic here and there. Even Rana’s comment on how how Kate shouldn’t have told him seemed out of place, considering what she’s been fighting for weeks to do. But fine, she’s still afraid of being outed and thinks Kate did it for some reason other than because Zee was going to get violent. And I can try to pretend Kate’s anger in return was at being the one who had to explain it was her, being grilled by him, the adrenaline at the surprise and intensity of it. But there are only so many leaps I can make! Did Kate really not feel any sympathy for Rana? 

APPARENTLY NOT because then the worst of the three scenes happen, where Kate is just super chill grabbing a brewski with the bro. It negates so much of what we’re supposed to believe about her feelings, and as you know, Kate’s devotion toward Rana has always been one of my favorite things about this ship. The writing really failed in some respects there. I shouldn’t be forced to try to make things work, and some things even I, a things maker worker, couldn’t figure out. Carla as a distraction to pull Kate away was right there! She could have said she didn’t want to hurt Zee anymore, or that this was all too much to deal with, any one of many reasons.

But you knowww, it’s a soap. And while I’m mostly just glum about such a pivotal ep and so much screentime and major revelations being wasted like this, it is what it is. I knew that Zee’s character would get shafted in these eps, I didn’t also expect Kate’s to be as well. But like I said, OOCness to serve whatever purpose the plot requires, then back to the usual. I’m not holding this against Kate, it’s not the character’s fault the writers really put out a stinker. I suppose it speaks to something where they literally couldn’t find any in-character way to keep them separate.