@bespectacledspectacle  replied to your photosetCoronation Street – 2018-01-29 pt2

Thanks for getting me absolutely hooked on the angst fest that is Kana. I love reading your tags! It seems they’re trying to keep the angst at 1000% and certainly going to drag it out longer than I even anticipated after seeing tonight’s eps. Also wondering with Corries 100 characters that the thing that’s going to come up short are the transitions? I feel like any time they want the story to take a turn it’s just a drastic shift, while the juice of the storyline seems pretty well developed

Yeah, it definitely seems like the rotated screentime makes some storylines move in fits and jerks. Especially with them being fairly lower-level characters. Rana in particular, who is really at the center of this story for all the things she is and all the people she pulls into this, has had some really long gaps in screentime, though Bhavna’s a champ and covers for that masterfully. 

Overall, I think we do get an okay picture of things, even if we have to massage our headcanons a bit.

Oh, and you’re welcome. 😀 A great time to be watching, eh.