Do you think Zee would ever physically hurt Rana?

Where’s that coming from?? No. I think Zee the character we’ve seen wouldn’t even be outing Rana, tbh, but like a whole bunch of things on soaps, I handwave that as something meant to progress the plot and set up new dramatic arcs and which they’ll eventually walk back on. 

But hitting her would be a step too far for even angry Zee. The optics of it alone, Rana being tiny, Zee a Muslim man, nah. I replied to the anon who said the outing made Zee look so bad by downplaying its effects, but this would make him look extremely terrible. And there aren’t even any plot reasons for it, why do the outing if this was gonna happen? And surely that’d open up its own new arc of domestic violence, which I don’t think we’ve seen any signs of.