kanawarrior on Twitter came up with a theory that this isn’t the first time rana has had feelings towards a girl and her parents know that and that that’s the twist. It probably won’t happen but it sounds good and it’d be a look into Rana’s past.

I’ve been thinking about that too and it’s definitely a possibility. I can immediately think of a couple of counterarguments, specifically Rana’s very genuine bewilderment at her feelings, even sadly confessing to Zee that she thought she might be homophobic, and then she seemed so adamant about never having felt anything like this before, including for other women. 

Like, she brought it up in a such a way that implied she’d been analyzing herself and hadn’t found anything.

But. Corrie could easily retcon that or explain it as something in her past she might not even have fully understood at the time, how many of us had crushes as a kid we only realized were crushes years and years later? Or it could be some soapy dramatic thing where her parents found out and were so horrible about it, she repressed it completely.