a blog on here callwd chesterbenni posts loads of spoilers for corrie

Ooh, thanks. 


Wow… From @chesterbenni​ (and apparently kanawarrior on twitter):

“To her horror Zeedan hands around glasses of whiskey and forces her to confess about her affair. When he reveals that her lover is a woman her parents and [sic] stunned but he is shocked by their next move.”

…so…he outs her? I can’t even get over the different parts in this. I’m already freaking stuck on the glasses of whiskey! So knowing that they frown on drinking and that they know he doesn’t drink and they disapprove of Rana drinking, he’s going to rile them up deliberately first by doing that? I can’t expect the alcohol to be received well. Then FORCES her to confess and THEN OUTS HER? Jesus. 

I really didn’t expect this to happen so soon. But if their reaction surprises him…maybe they’re NOT actually horrible about it? Or like, are, but not in a typical “how could you, disgusting, we’re disowning you” kind of way, but instead, “we always wondered/not surprising, well, we don’t know how you put up with her, Zee, she’s your problem now, fix this?” I mean, it can’t be that they’re onboard with it, that wouldn’t make dramatic sense (nor be at all reflective of what the storyline’s aiming for in even trying to represent this arc), plus we know her father makes Zee an offer, so clearly they’re trying to brush it aside. It’s all so repulsive no matter what, yuck. God, and I thought it was gonna go slow.