Yoooo Tessa did something horrible, she stole Mariah’s journal to make her songs, why is she like this, Mariah is a good person and doesn’t deserve this lmao bye Tessa

Oooh, that’s shady. But I mean…soap level shady.. Is it framing her as like, romantic and stuff because of it? To make songs for herself or for Mariah? Not that it makes it better if they’re for Mariah. So she just like stole a person’s diary and used it to write a song? Well. That’s gonna need some extreme strength redemption for the ship. 

And okay, I get the feeling maybe you don’t think there can be redemption. And obviously that’s fine, of course. But I do think it can still be shippable, soaps are just built so differently from everything else. They go out of their way to be so contrived and wild only so characters can then do something equally big to redeem themselves. It’s just a constant neverending journey of upping the stakes.