What did Catia say to Susana at the bar? Also, does Catia know that Susana is in the mob? And is Susana suspicious of Catia knowing she’s a cop?

I believe she very imaginatively hit on Susana by suggesting her drink was too strong for her, to which Susana, a master of subtlety herself, replied she liked things that are strong and hard, so Catia’s like, actually, that’s what people accuse me of being and then of course they start making out.

I’ll go back and gif stuff with dialogue, when I can. I think Catia does know, I thought we were gonna get a reveal where she’d like, open a case folder and see Susana’s pic, but I guess she already knows. I don’t know if Susana is suspicious, there’s a bit more I’m gonna gif, but I think of the two, it’s Catia that probably has more to suspect. If Catia really was gonna investigate Susana, sleeping with her with her badge in her pocket was…not the best detective work.

Also! Apparently Catia’s canon gay and Susana’s canon bi. Like, it’s not just two ladies thrown together because why not.