Wrt zee being suspicious, there was def a scene (i think last week) which made me wonder if he might think rana was having an affair with robert. Or like it struck me that it wouldntve felt out of place if she was? Idk

Wait, wait, Robert? Oh, when Rana came home and Robert was offering Zee his job back? Hmmm. I think…I think Zee just kind of looks quizzically at a lot of things. Remember when Imran first arrived at their place after his wife kicked him out and he was talking about how he was actually smart for waiting because with Sabeen starting the proceedings, the divorce would be better for him and there was that closeup on Zee furrowing his brows like he’d just realized something? And then it never went anywhere? 

I mean…maybe, maybe he is going to get suspicious so that when things start to happen, he’ll be more open to investigating instead of shutting them down completely.