I honestly think Zeedan is starting to get suspicious about Rana and Kate. He followed them out of the pub tonight and with Kates comments about her being selfish. Plus the least happy tears ever from last week, he must know somethings going on.

You know, I’m wondering. A few times he seemed to give them odd looks. I don’t know if it was just him going, oh, Kate’s very sad. Rana is comforting Kate now. Okay. Orrr, if it’s more than that. I can’t tell how much of it is soap convenience and how much is “if that were a real people, he’d definitely suspect something now”. Because how could somebody think those were happy tears ever in their entire life! 

But I don’t know if they’d even want him to find out like this. In the middle of this drama, would they want to add another thread to it with a suspicious Zee, especially when Kate’s gone and there’s nothing to be suspicious about now? Except…the voicemails Rana left on Luke’s phone. Ah, it’s gonna be a mess if that leads to something.