kana fic: Girls Interrupted


This time, Kate makes sure they aren’t interrupted.

It’s ten to five. One arm in her jacket sleeve and struggling through the exhaustion to pull on the other when Sean comes in, face an apologetic grimace.

“Sorry, love. Emergency appointment. Everyone else is gone.”

Rana sighs; a puff of air that comes out more of a whiny groan than anything else. She was looking forward to putting her feet up, gorging on a takeaway with the TV on, watching nothing in particular. Anything that she didn’t have to think about. Anything that she could focus on instead of forcing more guilt ridden conversation with Zee.

Her stomach lurches at the thought, leaving her feeling nauseous, as it always does whenever she thinks or sees her husband. The man she is supposed to love but doesn’t. Not enough anyway. Not enough to stop her thinking about someone else, but just enough to keep hiding the truth, to shelter him from the hurt and humiliation for just a little while longer.

There’s a knock at the door, her emergency patient; Rana calls for them to enter as she shoves her jacket back on its hook.

“You look tired.”

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