@pseudofakeri ​replied to your photoset Ten Days in the Valley – 1×04

Is this gay? Because it looks gay but that could just be because it’s missy. ?

That was exactly my thought, lol. “Is it gay or is it Missy Peregrym?” But look below!

@fioredi ​replied to your photoset Ten Days in the Valley – 1×04

this is technically a spoiler but it’s in a promo so to me that’s not much of a spoiler, but if you want to see go to 0:43 of this promo that was for the whole season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M94Xe13wZUM&ab_channel=tvpromosdb

You have my attention!

All right, so here’s that moment with Ali and some brunette:

That’s definitely not Ali’s husband:

I mean…there’s also PJ, Ali’s sister’s drug dealer, his hair matches a bit too. 

While I don’t know why he and Ali would be interacting at all, this is a soapy ass show with unexpected affairs all over the place. His hair seems the right color but too long (though of course hair could change between eps even for plot related reasons and not just “we shot this a while later”).

But then of course…Jamie, Missy’s character:

Now, her hair seems too dark and short? But I reckon she’s the best match out of the current possibilities.

Lol, incidentally, we can rule out this too-blond cop with the right length hair, I think?