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Haven’t forgotten about this. Just scrounging up the time to find the articles to back up. But, iirc, several producers have already left the show. Why? Yet to be explained.

That’s fine, take your time. That is weird…but it also makes me worried for TBT. I just don’t understand why anybody thought this would be a good direction for Star Trek. Michael’s such a cool, interesting character, they didn’t have to make this the backdrop. She stood on her own.

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And the fact that it was Beverly who was the one telling her, no less. Topping on the cake. And I have to thank you, I didn’t even know the show was back until I saw your gif of that scene and I spent the weekend rewatching season 4 (reminding myself of how much I adored them) and catching up on season 5 in preparation for the finale. My head canon was that Carol was back in her old position at the network in a settlement style resolution.

But yes, Carol taking the reigns was exactly what needed to happen. Her putting it all out there with the “you wrecked me” because that was what Helen needed to hear to deal with what she’d done. Kudos to the writers for really shoving all of that in there the way they did, and making it believable. And kudos to the actresses for doing sooo much with it. Katherine Rose Perkins’ face journey alone in that scene was enough to do the scene justice, let alone everything else.

I’m sorry for typing so much, I just have a lot of feelings. And it’s ‘seen-and-gone’ lmao, sorry for making it complicated. �� okay i’m done. 

Yeah, it helped that the person she was getting all jealous because of was the one who told her off. But I hated how quickly she went back to working with Beverly while poor Carol had to keep suffering. And no worries, I decided to keep checking in in the hopes of them resolving it, and I like Beverly and Carol a lot, separately from any ships, I kept watching for them.

The reason I was willing to forgive Helen at all was how irreverent the show really is, it’s just a lot of people doing horrible things and having horrible things happen to them. Like bad things happen to Matt and the Lincolns too, but it was still awful to see Carol on her downward spiral the whole season. Usually fortunes are reversed much more quickly. 

KRP’s face journey! I was so giddy watching the scene, not just because of Helen’s groveling or Carol getting to tell her what she did, but Carol’s confusion! Such a delight.

And heh, not complicated but tumblr doesn’t let you find things with tags that are hyphenated, yes? So seen-and-gone wouldn’t work as a tag but seen and gone would.