Thanks for your gifs! What do you think Adena felt guilty about? Can I ask if it’s typical for Muslims to skip prayers the way Adena does?

Aw, you’re welcome! Sorry for the late reply. Um…hmm, I gotta say, my first inclination was that she felt guilty about still having a girlfriend? I suppose, now that you’ve made me think about it, it could be in a religious way, but I doubt it’d be that?

And heh, yeah, it most likely is. As Adena said, there are five prayers a day, and they start at sunrise and go till well after sunset. In my family, my parents pray all of them, my sister probably tries to pray all of them, I’m pretty sure my brother doesn’t pray all of them. 

They’re all required to, but different…engagement with religion, you know? Different intensities of belief, different rationalizations to themselves. During exams and cricket tournaments, suddenly people become more devout. 😛