Okay, I was gonna bitch about it in the tags of a post, but I’m just gonna say it: Adena shouldn’t have left Kat. I get it, believe me, I get how tough it is to be a hijabi and have a possible run in with the cops. But…as tough as those circumstances are, which, again, they are, it’s a whole layer of scary added on to the Muslim or brown thing because some cops can get pretty awful about you taking off the hijab or not, that is its own thing.

But Kat’s a black woman in America?? I mean…her life is very much in danger the moment she even looks a cop sideways. If Adena was going to talk about how much she likes to make people uncomfortable and if she was going to be all cool and independent and smuggle in illegal sex toys and not sign a paper that’d let her go free, cool, cool, cool, but to put Kat in harm’s way like that? Fair enough, it was Kat who escalated the situation. But then call somebody?? You know where Scarlet’s offices are, call her friends, her co-workers!