i don’t know if i’m super jaded or just paranoid. I’ve seen gifs of Freya and Keelin, and askjjklf Keelin looking so gorgeous, and gdi yes a black lesbian on mainstream tv! But fucking hell. its the cw. known for high death rates for any character that is black or brown, and lgbtqa don’t do better. i also know the lexa mess only got so big cuz like 10 of their writers lied abt lexa for like 1 year. so im just super skeptical over that 1 writer. do u know enough abt them to say can trust them?

I don’t know much about that writer but even if she had the best of intentions and was being honest about the future to the best of her knowledge, it doesn’t really mean much when somebody higher than her makes a different decision. And it’s true that when people are promoting their series, they’ll say anything. I’d hope that they’ve learned with regards to the BYG trope, but you never know.

If I were you and I were in a sensitive state, I would go in warily or just hold off completely. It’s not going anywhere, if it turns out good like Saving Hope, you can always just watch at the end. 🙂