Join us for the third annual Femslash Review Fest, where we’ll be supporting works for the pairings we love by showering love and admiration on the creators. This event is for two things: reviewing femslash and recommending femslash works to other interested parties.

From December 18th-31st, leave reviews on femslash fics for any fandom, any pairing – and then link to it so other people can read it, too! This blog will track #femslashreviewfest, so post recs in that tag and they’ll be reblogged daily. And if you’re stuck, this blog will post a theme every day – so one day might be rec something set in an alternate universe, to give one example. (This doesn’t mean you have to stick to that theme for your recs on that day, of course.)

Participate for one day, participate for all the days – it’s all cool! This whole event is very low-key.

Remember, though: supporting the things you love is the only way to ensure that people keep producing it!

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