White supremacists target Jewish community of Whitefish, Montana

  • White supremacists across the country have focused their attention on Whitefish, Montana, because of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer.
  • Spencer’s parents Rand and Sherry Spencer live in Whitefish.
  • Earlier this month, the town took a firm stance against Spencer’s rhetoric.
  • A city council meeting included the reading of a recently approved proclamation that “repudiates the ideas and ideology of the founder of the so-called alt-right as a direct affront to the community’s core values.”
  • An activist in the town called for a boycott and protest of the businesses in a building owned by Sherry Spencer. 
  • In response, Andrew Anglin wrote an article for The Daily Stormer in which he targets Jewish Whitefish residents, exposing their contact information.
  • The article, entitled “Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Exortion. TAKE ACTION!” uses anti-Jewish slurs and describes the Jewish people as “a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.“ 
  • Anglin calls on supporters to “hit [the named targets] up,” asking “Are y’all ready for an old-fashioned troll storm?“ 
  • Targeted individuals and human rights organizations, as well as city council members, have received death threats since the article was published. Local businesses in support of human rights have also been harassed. Read more

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Don’t forget they also released the name and social media information of a Jewish 7th grader who is a child of an activist. These monsters aren’t opposed to coming after our children.

They have always been okay with coming for Jewish children because to then Jews an infestation and thus not children or human.