Thank you @gettingaphdinlarry for pointing out this incredibly moving Instagram post from @elizabethbanks. This is what I’d like to concentrate on at this point. The fact that this younger generation of people has the compassion, intelligence, strength, and numbers (according to Google, there are over 75 million of you) to change our world as we move forward. Hillary Clinton might not have won this election, but this map clearly shows where our future is headed if we don’t give up hope. 

Everything @twopoppies said – yes yes yes!!

This is from a poll taken in October

A more updated and still fairly encouraging map from Nov 8′s poll of millennials would look like this:


However, it’s really important to point out that white millennials actually voted more for Trump than Clinton. This is scary because as time passes that group will, with a whole lot of extra help from the next four years, reinforce their advantages and become powerful and influential, and will be the kind of people who vote and will be in a position to enact voter disenfranchisement. Meanwhile, all the groups that are stopping the white millennials from being full conservative will be more disadvantaged and suppressed and will understandably be feeling disillusioned and less likely to vote. 

It’s not a foregone conclusion at all, if anything, I hope this election ensures lots of active Dem turnout in the future, but I’d just like to emphasize that we have to work for the millennial vote to stay blue, we can’t just count on it naturally progressing as so.