Just want you to know I’m a white millennial and I didn’t vote for Trump. I campaigned for Hillary and I voted for her. I’ve challenged other white millennials about why they’re voting for Trump and I’ve called people out. There may not be many of us who aren’t complete idiots but we do exist. It pisses me off that white millennials can’t see sense. Please don’t discount all white millennials as Trump supporters. That man isn’t my President.

Same anon again. I just wanted to say I hope that last ask didn’t come off as rude or pissed off. That’s not how I meant it. After reading your tags I just wanted to tell you that you’ve got at least one white millennial in your corner who hates how the majority of white millennials are acting.

I didn’t take it in a rude or pissed off way. 🙂

I don’t discount you, but I need you to keep working at it. I need there to be many, many more of you. Until there are, it doesn’t help if some of you don’t support that ideology, because the majority’s choices will have great consequences. As we just saw yesterday.