The fear of being “too female” is not exclusive to CBS, though.The past few months have not been kind to women on traditional network TV. While women-centric stories are flourishing on streaming services like Netflix and cable networks like Starz, network TV has fired Stana Katic from the ABC’s now-cancelled Castle, killed off the female lead of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, and dumped ABC’s Agent Carter. If female leads and women-led shows with passionate fanbases are being disregarded by network TV, then the message begins to feel like women should take their “too female” tastes somewhere they might matter — or just not expect TV to represent them whatsoever.

CBS Nancy Drew Pilot Deemed ‘Too Female’ , Bustle (via redcognito)

Hey, one more pilot we lost out on: the showrunners of Agent Carter doing a Cuban Macbeth-style series starring Gina Torres. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL.

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See, and I think CBS is double stupid for dumping the Nancy Drew pilot (whatever issues I had with the concept). If they had bought it and stuck on Monday nights at 10, I believe they would have collected the Castle audience nearly entirely. Literary-skewed crime procedural with strong female lead? And an audience that, many of them at least, are women who grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries? The audience was right there and they blew it.

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