Okay, so because THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT happened, a bunch of people are donating money to the US Holocaust Memorial here. 

If you don’t get why Captain America being secretly a Nazi-affiliate or out-right Nazi isn’t a big deal, please read about it here, because Jessica Plummer articulates it far better than I ever could. 

The suggested donation is $3.99, or the price of the comic. If you buy, consider posting a screen-cap of your receipt (with your info blacked out of course) and tag @marvelentertainment to show them what you think of this “new spin” on Captain America. 

For those who don’t have the cash to send, also consider emailing Marvel’s feedback email for the Marvel Heroes comics: 

Also consider tagging @roachpatrol because she’s the source of the idea to donate specifically to the Holocaust Memorial.

This is a brilliant idea. I donated as soon as I saw it.