I’m sad. And I didn’t even want to get into it for so long, and I KNEW the problems they’d had with racism and sexism. I don’t know why I let down my guard, I thought they’d learned something and improved, I was just so desperate for something. And now we’re at this point. I’m never watching again, it was a terrible show outside the Clexa and Grounder part and it seems like they’re gearing up for Clarke to be the master benevolent colonialist, at least better than the evil Arkadia colonialists. Whatever.

But…people are so sad. I was into this for like a month. How’s the f/f community going to get past this? When a new show they can’t trust? When? I can go and watch some good happy-ending movies but we have like, what, three? After that, it’s still coming back to this. And this will remain with us for a long, long time.